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Multi Family Construction

RDMN's multi-family dwellings are second to none. Our staff has experience on everything from classic four-apartment structures to duplexes, to apartment complexes spread across a wide area and condominiums rising high above the landscape. We understand how to create a clean, beautiful design that fits your location, your target demographic, and your aesthetic requirements.

Our multi-family buildings take into account everything you need as a property owner to augment value.
- Physical space per unit is maximized while still allowing for comfortable movement in public spaces.
- Interior design strategies are used to make each unit's space seem even bigger, and give residents the most usable area possible.

- We assist you in deciding what amenities make sense for the building and find the most convenient locations for them.
- We advise on options (both pragmatic and aesthetic) which will impress the most customers, increasing fill rates and overall rents.
- We make sure everything is up to code and meets the requirements you set for your customer demographic.

RDMN prides itself on being the best construction partner for companies in Knoxville looking to build multi-family housing.

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